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CitySquare is one of the largest, most effective social services organizations in Texas, serving more than 50,000 unduplicated neighbors each year and branching out to serve the urban poor across Texas and in Denver, Colorado. Since its founding in 1988 as the Central Dallas Food Pantry, CitySquare has addressed the causes and effects of poverty by working with the people it serves.

CitySquare fights poverty through service, advocacy and friendship with 17 unique programs that address hunger, health, housing, and hope. The primary population of the organization’s programs and services are at-risk youth, working poor, and the homeless.

In 2014, CitySquare opened the Opportunity Center, a gateway of opportunity for underserved communities in south and east Dallas. The Opportunity Center is home to numerous essential services all in one easily accessed location for neighbors who are working to change the trajectory of their lives.

CitySquare is a community of neighbors standing for justice and equality for all and is a place where work flows out of its ecumenical and inclusive faith. CitySquare is a steward that believes its resources belong to the community. 

In 2015:


  • Approximately 50,000 neighbors visited the CitySquare Food Pantry.
  • More than 6,000 kids benefited from food at the CitySquare Food Pantry.
  • CitySquare’s Food on the Move Program served 1,000,000 summer and after-school meals to children and youth in Dallas and Waco.


  • Each CityWalk@Akard (CitySquare’s permanent housing located in downtown Dallas) neighbor met with Community Life staff at least 20 times.
  • At minimum, one veteran was permanently housed each month.
  • Nearly 500 neighbors received permanent housing throughout Dallas.


  • 2,239 patients were seen by their primary care physician at the CitySquare clinic.
  • More than 1,100 patients received vaccinations or immunizations at the clinic.
  • Free transportation was provided for 1,368 patients to go to and from medical appointments.


  • Each TRAC (program in support of youths aging out of foster care) youth was contacted by a staff person at least once a week.
  • Almost 400 youth gained employment or continued their education.
  • 90% of students enrolled in the new CitySquare Hospitality Program successfully completed the program readied for job placement.
  • Nearly 300 people were placed in jobs by CitySquare’s workforce development programs.


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